Work for Health System Strengthening

Namidabashi Lab. work for health system strengthening in developing worlds to maximize the impacts, efficiency and sustainability of the interventions.

Health systems strengthening is about permanently making the systems function better, not just filling gaps or supporting the systems to produce better short-term outcomes. The intervention to strengthen the system goes beyond providing inputs and applies to more than one building health system block; 1) service delivery, 2) health workforce, 3) health information systems, 4) access to essential medicines, 5) financing, 6) leadership/governance, and 7) community engagement.

WHO pointed out “a well-functioning health system working in harmony is built on having trained and motivated health workers, a well-maintained infrastructure, and a reliable supply of medicines and technologies, backed by adequate funding, strong health plans and evidence-based policies“, and “at the same time, because of the interconnectedness of our globalized world, health systems need to have the capacity to control and address global public health threats such as epidemic diseases and other severe events“.