Performance Indicators

We use the following indicators to evaluate our business activities. These indicators are aligned with our vision and mission. They are divided into six main categories: organisational development, finance, social capital, human capital, social impact and impact on the natural environment. Targets for each indicator are set for every three years. At the end of the year, we analyse our achievements quantitatively and qualitatively to produce an evaluation report on our business activities and identify lessons for the following year.

1. Organisational development
  1.1. Score of B Impact Assessment

2. Finance
  2.1. Revenues per employee
  2.2. Net income per employee
  2.3. Ratio of net income to revenues
  2.4. Capital-to-asset ratio
  2.5. Ratio of donations to net income

3. Social capital
  Structural aspect
  3.1. Number of activities, etc. in which we have continuous membership and participation
  3.2. Time spent participating in community and volunteer activities
  3.3. Number of times participating in activities related to policymaking

  Relational aspects
  3.4. Number of persons received as visitors
  3.5. Number of joint projects and activities with other companies and organisations
  3.6. Number of projects and activities intermediated

  Cognitive aspects
  3.7. Number of unconditional gift-giving behaviours toward other companies

4. Employee
  4.1. Employee turnover rate

5. Environmental impacts
  5.1. Hygiene expenditure per employee
  5.2. Electricity consumption per office area
  5.3. Water consumption per employee
  5.4. Number of compliments received from neighbours for the environment around the office
  5.5. Number of compliments for our consideration of the natural environment during business activities