Contract Preference

Contract Preference Policy

For Namidabashi Lab. to realize its mission “to inquire how we can develop relationships with and among people, nature, and happenings of the world, such that we can reframe the social structure and our views on it”, we prefer underrepresented-owned suppliers/vendors/contractors, local suppliers/vendors in Taito-ward, Tokyo, and suppliers/vendors who seek how to communicate with society and/or environment.

1. Background
We have some reasons why we prefer underrepresented-owned suppliers/vendors, local suppliers/ vendors, and suppliers/vendors who seek how to communicate with society and the environment.

* Communicating with underrepresented-owned suppliers/vendors
We consider that actual communication and its experience can be one of the bases for our expected inquiry. The underrepresented groups’ opinions and viewpoints are not always reflected in social policy and system and are often misunderstood. In this situation, communicating with the underrepresented-owned suppliers/vendors, not only with us but also with various people, can provide a social frame and views that some of us have not recognized. Also, awareness of such structure and perspectives can help different people develop “a society with more space, where anyone can find relief”.

* Buy local
Local businesses have sharp and unique insights on social structure and needs in this community because they are usually owned and run by people in this community. Such insights can be more thoughtful and more profound if local business activities are expanded and their relationship with the community is strengthened. Because touching such insights is crucial to “inquire more effectively how we can develop relationships with and among people, nature, and happenings”, we would like to communicate and contribute to local businesses.

* Preference on suppliers/vendors who seek how to communicate with society and the environment
Today many social and environmental concerns exist, and different ways of thinking are needed to develop a sustainable society. However, only the governments and non-profit organizations cannot tackle solving such problems and increase sustainability. In this situation, Using the power of the markets and profit organizations has been expected for them. Thus, we would like to inquire if we can mobilize such power to realize our vision to face social and environmental challenges and develop sustainability by communicating with supplies/vendors who have the same motivation.

2. Selection of suppliers/vendors

We have some inquiries for supplies/vendors to ensure our preference policy in place, but not always limit to.

  • Underrepresented-owned businesses (LGBTQ, women, disabilities, minorities, etc.)
  • Local business around our office (Taito-ward, Tokyo)
  • Social and environmental policy/ mission
  • Positive practices for social and environmental impacts
  • Social-friendly products and services such as excellent consideration for labour practices and underrepresented groups, etc.
  • Environment-friendly products and services such as products matching Green Purchasing Laws, Green Network Products, Eco-Mark, etc.
  • Certified by B corporation