Corporation Profile

Company NameNamidabashi Lab., Co, Ltd.
Date of EstablishmentJuly 30, 2015
CapitalJPY 3,000,000
RepresentativeHirofumi TSURUTA
Corporate Address1-1-10 Nihonzutsumi Taito-ku 1110021 Japan
Business OutlineSurvey and research; designing and planning; promotion and management of the implementation of projects; monitoring and evaluation; and relevant consultation regarding international cooperation, health and social welfare services, other non-profitable activities
MembershipsJapan Overseas Enterprises Association・Regular member
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Regular member
B Corporation
BankAsahi Shinkin Bank

GMO Aozora Net BANK
Company HistoryJul. 30, 2015: Established
Sep. 1, 2015: Commencement of activities