Our Vision: What we want to create

A society with more space, where anyone can find relief 

   Our Mission: What we want to do

To inquire how we can develop relationships with and among people, nature, and happenings of the world, such that we can reframe the social structure and our views on it.

   Our Values: What we want to treasure

To keep on reviewing our relationship with people, nature, and any other phenomena, in order to gain new insights

To focus on our “being” rather than our “doing,” in order to keep our creativity alive

To inquire humbly, based on a genuine interest arising from our insights, in order to avoid controlling others

To accept unexpected events in a positive light, in order to discover possibilities we might have never imagined of

To accept unstructured situations and opportunities, in order to respect a person as a person

To accept gray situations as they are, in order to secure excellent results

To actively examine the demands of our societies and times, in order to be aware of the value of the existence of Namidabashi Lab

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