Our Consultation Services

We are engaged in the following consultation services on international cooperation in health, health system strengthening in Japan and the developing worlds, and the health of migrants. Also, we plan to develop activities focusing on the relationship between community design and health in the future.

Process Gardening

We are working to create changes in a self-organizing manner among people, organizations, and the local community. To that end, we emphasize three things: making the process for change open, creating a "fluctuation" that creates continuous changes, and asking questions for the future that we want to realize.


In order to formulate project plans, policies and measures, and to improve their quality, we systematically collect and analyze information and data, and extract and organize knowledge. In particular, we will propose a scientific and feasible research methodology in a resource-limited situation, based on our experiences in developing countries.

Project Evaluation

Value judgment etc. based on facts and dialogues among stakeholders regarding plans, achievement status, and processes (We provide ideas whether or not it was a good project, what was good or bad, what kind of process happened). Also, based on the evaluation results, we extract and develop recommendations and lessons learned that can be useful.

What Co-workers & Clients Say


Japanese Development Workers


"I was able to learn about attitude and thoughts for development that I had not experienced in my previous work."
"I'm still jealous about your trying anything. Please do your best!"


Development Workers in Overseas

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

"Hope you have recovered from your long trip in the DRC. I've been much pleased to work with you."



Iran-Health Sector Survey

"In addition to collecting information and data at the field, I appreciated that you completed interviewing Japanese medical device manufacturers, reviewing academic papers, and so on, within a limited contract period."

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